Surprising Sources of Fluoride you Need to Know

If you are someone who looks to protect the health of your teeth there are many surprising sources of fluoride that can help achieve the daily recommended allowances.   If you are someone that hates fluoride and wants to avoid it then these sources may also be of interest.   The daily recommended ingested allowance of fluoride is 3 mg for female adults 19 years or older and 4 mg for male adults 19 years or older with maximum allowances of 10 mg

Dental Implants Today

Every so often I like to take a step back and evaluate the progress made in the area of dental implants and how it has changed in my practice. Over the last few years I have been placing a dental implant (Biohorizon) with improved design features from past implants. These improved design features have minimized a few of the complications associated with dental implants in my practice. One of the complications that has be reduced greatly is peri-implantitis. Peri-implantitis is

My Favorite Dental Implant

As a clinician that places and restores dental implants, the Biohorizon internal tapered dental implant is my favorite dental implant to place in the right situation.  Each dental implant site requires careful evaluation and can present with difficult obstacles for success. Therefore, clinicians need to be versatile in the type of implant they select because certain dental implants will perform better in specific situations. With the hundreds of different types of dental implants out there, choices can be daunting for