My Favorite Dental Implant

As a clinician that places and restores dental implants, the Biohorizon internal tapered dental implant is my favorite dental implant to place in the right situation.  Each dental implant site requires careful evaluation and can present with difficult obstacles for success. Therefore, clinicians need to be versatile in the type of implant they select because certain dental implants will perform better in specific situations. With the hundreds of different types of dental implants out there, choices can be daunting for

Osteoporosis and Dental Implants

My patients that suffer from osteoporosis and osteopenia often ask if they are candidates for dental implants.  My short answer is dental implants result in a better quality of life for osteoporotic women.  There are studies that show women with osteoporosis and dental implants have higher overall satisfaction with their lives as opposed to living with false teeth (dentures) or no restorations at all.  The dentist placing implants needs to take into consideration the simple fact studies show overall satisfaction

Mini Dental Implants

  Lately, I have been receiving a lot of questions from my patients regarding mini dental implants and their uses in dentistry today.  In our practice, we rarely use mini dental implants for reasons my colleague and brother-in-law Dr. Brian Davis describes in his recently published article.  This article, “The Truth About Mini Implants”, is about the uses of mini dental implants and some misconceptions that have arisen.  Please enjoy the article  and pass on to anyone that may have questions about the