The Facts on Fluoride

Fluoride has been and continues to be a hot topic in the field of dentistry. Despite all the information available regarding the benefits and risks of fluoride use there still seems to be a large amount of misinformation about this topic. Fluoridation of the water system has been recommended by numerous health organizations, most notably the CDC and WHO have long supported the dental benefits of fluoride. The CDC has stated that:  “For 65 years, community water fluoridation has been

Benefits of Sedation with Dental Implants

One of my favorite procedures to perform under conscious sedation is the surgical placement of dental implants.  With the surgical placement of dental implants it is crucial that a patient is anxiety free as to prevent any movement during the procedure.  There are certain parts during the procedure that may not cause pain, but can make a patient uncomfortable.  Conscious sedation removes this uncomfortable feeling because the patient is often asleep or at the very least anxiety free and very

Dental Myths Busted!

In dentistry there are certain myths or misunderstandings that are present.  Being a dentist I have heard them all, from old wives tales to opinions from the cousin of a dentist. As in life, some myths have a shred of truth to them.  Today, I would like tell you about the most popular myths in dentistry and expose the truth. Dental Myth 1:  Pregnancy steals calcium from your teeth causing you to have more cavities During pregnancy there are many