Dental Implant Manhattan

Dental implants are Manhattan area’s most popular way to replace missing teeth. Frangella Cosmetic and General Dentistry offers in-house implant treatment with no referrals to another location. For many of our patients, implants are a life-changing advancement in dental technology.

Implants Replace Missing Teeth

While you have several options when it comes to replacing teeth, implants remain the most preferred, most effective way to restore the natural look and function of your teeth. Compared with the results patients typically experience with dentures, implants have several unique advantages:

  1. Implants are extremely durable, designed to last a lifetime with proper care
  2. Dental implants look just like your own natural teeth, giving you the confidence to smile more naturally
  3. Dollar for dollar, the overall investment value of implants is much greater than dentures, bridges, or browns
  4. Since implants anchor in your jaw bone- just like your natural teeth- they reduce the risk of bone resorption and provide more reliable function than dentures
  5. Implants do not slip and will not become loose over time

No Slipping or Adjustment Period

Have you been around someone recently fitted with dentures? You may have noticed a speech impediment or slurring of words. Dentures often require a certain amount of time to get used to having them in your mouth, since there is extra bulk that was not present before. One of the most beloved features about dental implants is their inability to slip since there is no top or bottom ‘plate’- so sticky glues and adhesives are a thing of the past. You’ll speak just as clearly and naturally as you do now.

Eat the Foods You Love

Enjoy apples, nuts, ice cream, seeds, steak, and any other foods you want to eat; there are no restrictions with dental implants. Manhattan area is renown for its broad mix of cultural restaurants dotted throughout the city and eating out is a significant part of life that is enjoyed by locals. With implants, you won’t have to change the way you eat or turn down foods that you currently love.

A Word About Value

While dental implants typically cost a bit more than other cosmetic procedures, their value is far more significant since implants are made to last a lifetime. Unlike dentures that require repair, restorations, and replacement over time, your dental implants will not chip, crack, wear down, or become compromised due to the foods you eat. Made of superior materials, implants will continue to demonstrate their value year after year.

Schedule a Consultation

Our staff at Frangella Cosmetic and General Dentistry would love the opportunity to provide additional information about dental implants in Manhattan. When you book a consultation visit, we’ll answer your questions, offer options, and explain why implants are a terrific value. If you’re a candidate for the implant procedure, you could walk out of our office in the near future with the smile of your dreams. Make a phone call to our practice to learn more.

Dental Implant Manhattan
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