The Steps To A Cavity Free Mouth

Part 1: Prepare & Clean

This portion of you home care focuses on the mechanical aspect of cleaning your mouth. The first step is to prepare the right oral environment, you can do this by using an oral rinse that creates a less acidic pH in your mouth. We recommend Closys, this rinse can be found at Walgreens or CVS to prepare the oral environment.

The second step is to clean, brushing and flossing. We recommend investing in a good electric tooth brush, our favorite is the Sonicare tooth brush. When brushing we recommend using a toothpaste that contains sodium fluoride, our favorite is Crest original toothpaste. And, find a floss that works best for you. I tend to recommend unwaxed tape varieties of floss as opposed to the rope type. The brand I recommend the most is Glide.

Part 2: Sanitize & Disinfect

Directly after brushing and flossing your teeth the next step is to rinse with an antibacterial rinse. Our favorite product on the market is Listerine, make sure it has the ADA approval on the bottle.

After brushing your teeth be sure to sanitize your tooth brush, you can do this by rinsing your brush in Listerine, then rinsing with water and allowing to air dry. Also, always store your toothbrush away from open toilets as well.

Part 3: Strengthen & Repair

This portion of your care helps keep your enamel strong and healthy. As the last step of your home care, you should rinse with a fluoride rinse. We recommend ACT Total Care fluoride rinse. After you have rinsed with the fluoride rinse do not rinse with water for 30 minutes.

*Also, through out the day you to give added protection you can chew xylitol gum, or use other 100% xylitol products ( You want to aim for about 6-10 grams a day of xylitol to get the best anticavity effects of this sugar substitute.

*Perform routine twice daily, in the morning and nighttime.

All of these products can be found at Walgreens, CVS and Target as well as internet retailers


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