Invisalign & Traditional Braces

invisalign vs. braces

Many people often ask which is the better treatment, Invisalign or Braces? What are the differences between the two?

When comparing Invisalign and traditional braces there really is not a ‘better’ treatment. Really the question is which treatment is better suited for your needs.

Both treatments are orthodontic appliances that work by applying a light consistent force against the teeth in order to move them. Both are used to correct crowding, overbites, under-bites and excess spacing. And, both treatments require you to see your dentist about every 4 weeks.

The differences in the treatments is due to how each appliance works. Invisalign moves the teeth using clear aligners while traditional braces move the teeth with fixed wires and brackets.

Depending on your case and your desired treatment outcome, your dentist will recommend which treatment is best suited to your particular needs.


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