Fotolia_5327278_XS-resized-600Being a dentist and being surrounded by a lot of dentists, I’ve had the opportunity to try a lot of dental products over the years and learn the opinions of my friends, family and colleagues about these same products. I decided to compile a list of my absolute favorite, tried and true, dental products on the market. Of course I’m always open to try something new, so if you have any favorites, please let us know!

Toothbrush: Sonicare

This toothbrush’s sonic motion and handy timer really make a difference in your smile. It’s the best home care tool in my opinion.

Floss: Glide

Whenever I buy floss, I tend to lean towards an unwaxed tape variety rather than a rope. Glide is great b/c its easy to manuever between teeth and doesn’t shred easily.

Regular Toothpaste: Crest Original (with sodium fluoride)

Crest is a great product. I like the flavor of the paste and usually prefer sodium fluoride in my toothpaste as opposed to stannous fluoride. When I’m looking to buy a regular toothpaste I usually stick to the Crest Original.

Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth: Sensodyne Isoactive

For patients that are long time users of toothpaste for sensitive teeth, this new product is a great change from the dull chalky tasting toothpastes that have been on the market. I tried this product about 6 months ago and use it from time to time when my teeth become hot & cold sensitive. It forms a refreshing foam that leaves you with a great taste and more comfortable teeth as well.

Whitening Toothpaste: Crest 3d White

When brushing your teeth in between whitenings to keep that beautiful fresh smile I like to use this Crest 3d White. It’s Crest, which has a great line of whitening products, and also has a great taste and is very effective in maintaining a bright smile.

Antibacterial Mouthwash: Listerine and Closys

An antibacterial mouthwash is crucial to home care. The hard part is sorting through all the options and finding whats right for you. My top two picks are: CloSys and Listerine. I love CloSys because although it has a mild flavor, it is a great tool to kill bacteria that can lead to periodontal disease and also it is less acidic than many of the rinses on the market. My other top pick is Listerine. In my opinion Listerine is hands down the most effective antibacterial rinse on the market. My morning routine usually includes a quick rinse with CloSys then a thorough brushing & flossing followed by a rinse with Listerine.

Fluoride Mouthwash: ACT Total Care

I always rinse with ACT right before bed. It has a great flavor (my favorite is the green one), probably the best tasting of all the mouthrinses I’ve tried, and is very effective in helping remineralize and strengthen enamel. Another great product worth trying.

100% Xylitol Gum: Epic (

Xylitol is a great sugarfree product that is important to home care. I usually opt for 100% Zylitol chewing gum (right now I’m addicted to Epic cinnamon flavor). The only downfall is the chewing gum doesn’t keep its flavor for that long.  But on the upside, even after only chewing it for a short amount of time, my mouth feels really fresh and clean afterwards. And it’s a great way of delivering Xylitol, which is the only sugar substitute that studies have shown that has cavity fighting properties.]]>

katy-perry-gets-braces-7462-1305167389-1-resized-600 Using both Invisalign and traditional braces, we’ve seen their smiles change over the years and sometimes even caught them in the process. So who has had Invisalign and who has had braces?


Katherine Heigl: There have been many sightings of the starlet wearing Invisalign and some great pictures of her putting the aligners in. Gisele Bündchen: An interview with Elle Magazine reported that she had worn Invisalign to straighten her shifting teeth. Justin Bieber: The teen crooner is currently wearing Invisalign and was spotted wearing aligners to the UK premiere of “Never Say Never.” Cheryl Cole: The English pop star has said during interviews that her worst habit is not wearing her Invisalign aligner at night. Other rumored to have altered their smiles using Invisalign include Oprah Winfrey and Zac Efron.


Other celebs take the traditional route and wear conventional braces. Browse through our gallery of celebrities in braces. I bet you’ll be surprised to see who has worn them and how old they were when they took the plunge.]]>

Fotolia_15738796_XS-resized-600 100% Xylitol can be consumed in many different product forms: mints, gum, lollipops, and granular just to name a few. Many commercial sugarless gums, which are not 100% Xylitol, contain approximately .5 grams of Xylitol per piece. It is recommended that 6-10 grams of Xylitol be consumed daily by children and adults. Therefore, it is recommended that a product with 100% Xylitol be consumed instead. Products with 100% Xylitol can be difficult to find at your everyday local grocery store but you can usually find 100% Xylitol at health/organic food stores and on the Internet. Xylitol is also recommended for infants and can be started with a few grams a day once the teeth begin erupting, working up to 6-10 grams as all the teeth have fully erupted. Since babies cannot chew gum/lollipop/mints, we recommend Xylitol be introduced in a granular form mixed in water. A wash cloth bathed in this solution can be used to clean the newly erupted teeth. Speak with your dentist or a pediatric dentist before introducing Xylitol.]]>