From time to time I like to read articles from my Alma Mater, University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, recently I came across an interesting article.  Dr. Sebastian Ciancio, DDS has recently published an article about the use of a nasal spray to anesthetize upper teeth as opposed to dental injections.Dentist or Doctor With Needle The study is centered around how safe and effective using a nasal spray to numb the upper teeth rather than an injection to the area. This study is now in the second phase of research by the Food and Drug Administration. So what does this mean for your dental future? Well, there is a possibility that in the future you may be able to forgo the need for injections with some procedures. This is a great option for dentists and needle phobic patients alike and may help patients seek dental care more frequently. Things that remain to be seen is duration of numbness, localization of numbness as well as possible side effects, and long term effects. But in general there are many great things on the horizon for dentistry and I, along with many others, am eager to see what is in store!  ]]>