rosschicletteeth1 Healthy and natural, can quickly turn towards tacky, ‘Chiclet’ territory though. Remember the ‘Friends’ episode with Ross and his glow in the dark teeth?

So what is the rule of thumb for teeth whitening?

The ideal shade of white really depends on personal preference. However, to retain that natural look, the whiteness of your teeth should not exceed the shade of the whites of your eyes (in most people). This allows you to have a nice bright smile without looking over-whitened. PD0186_LR_Friends-CaucFemales_64141-resized-600 here are many options for teeth bleaching available. Finding the right method for you that will provide you with a beautiful, natural smile can be a daunting task.

Before beginning any whitening procedure, consult your dentist first, to confirm which method is best for you.


Watch any movie or television show and what do you see?preventative Perfect, straight, and unbelievably white smiles. I’m not saying these types of smiles don’t occur naturally…however, often times in the media world you are looking at veneered, whitened, and orthodontically treated smiles. If you’re looking to replicate what you see in the media, here is some useful information on how to get your perfect smile. There are many different ways to achieve your perfect look but before you start any work, the first step is to have a clear idea of what exactly you want to change. Is your smile too dark?  Do you hate the way one of your teeth tilts? Is it the shape of your teeth you want to be different? Or the spaces in between them? It is important to know where you want to go with your treatment so that you can pick the best type of treatment possible. Many of our patients come in and declare, “I want veneers.” While they think they need veneers, they may only require a non-invasive treatment such as Invisalign or teeth whitening to achieve the desired result. Therefore, it’s best to express your goal to your dentist and be open to different options he/she may suggest to get you there. Veneers are a great aesthetic tool that can dramatically change a smile. However, veneers are a permanent restoration and require special care to keep them looking pristine. Maintenance should be taken into account before beginning treatment. Click here to learn more about the veneer process. The decision to have porcelain veneers made is an important one. Veneers can provide a dramatic, beautiful, and realistic change to your smile. Once completed, most veneer restorations require special care and may have to be replaced after a 5-10 year period. In order to retain that look, you should take extra care to protect them from chips and decay. To learn more about how to protect and maintain a healthy smile click here.]]>

Do you have a function to go to and not enough time for teeth whitening? Here are 4 tips for faking it: 1. Wear red lipstick. threesmiles-resized-600This is a trick seen often in dental advertisements. You may have noticed, women always have red hued lip color on. The contrast of your lip color and the red shade helps make your teeth appear lighter and brighter. If red’s not your color, then try to avoid wearing lipsticks that have a yellow or orange tone to them because they can give your teeth a yellow hue. Also, avoid pale or frosted shades and matte finishes, as they tend to make teeth look dull. 2. It’s all about the outfit! Try to avoid wearing bright white clothes.If you want to wear white, try picking a white that is off-white, cream or at least a shade lighter than your teeth. It will give the illusion that your teeth are whiter than they are, simply by comparison. 3. To make your teeth really pop, try using bronzer. Tan, golden, and darker skin tones make teeth appear whiter. By using a bronzer, with an appropriate lip color, you can make your smile appear brighter. 4 . And lastly, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Try wearing jewelry with a little sparkle to it such as silver, sparkling crystals or rhinestones. Avoid wearing gold which can emphasize yellow tones in teeth.Of course these are only a temporary fixes. For a truly dazzling white smile, speak with your dentist for recommendations on the best way to whiten your teeth.]]>


The tooth may be slightly traumatized.

When a filling is performed, it can be slightly irritating or traumatic to the nerve or pulp of the tooth. This can cause inflammation of the nerve leading to sensitivity in the tooth. This type of sensitivity is normal and usually subsides within 2 weeks.

The bite may be high.

When you have a filling placed, the tooth is numb so it is often hard for the patient to tell if the bite is correct. If the bite is not balanced properly, it can focus too much biting force on one tooth, causing sensitivity. A slight adjustment will usually correct this.

Another cavity nearby.

If you have multiple unfinished fillings or active periodontal disease in the area it is not always easy to tell which area is causing the sensitivity. This is because all the teeth are linked by branches of the same nerve. So it can be hard to tell which tooth it is. As a result, you may be feeling pain on one tooth, but it may be caused by a cavity or problem in another tooth.]]>

threesmiles-resized-600A few Secrets to having “No Cavities!” at your next dental exam…

1. Floss!

Simply put, debris gets trapped in between your teeth, and the longer it sits there, the more problems it can cause. Clear the debris by flossing after meals and before you go to bed.

2. Floss properly!

I see too many people flossing incorrectly, here is a video for proper flossing technique.

3.Use Fluoride.

Fluoride strengthens the enamel on your teeth. Check your toothpaste and mouthrinse and make sure that it has fluoride in it.

4. Use an electric toothbrush.

Use an electric tooth brush such as the Sonicare at least twice a day. It vibrates at a very high frequency clearing debris from your teeth. Most people brush for too short a period of time, many electric toothbrushes will count the 2 minutes of recommended brush time.

5.Go for routine oral hygiene visits.

The average person should get a professional dental cleaning twice a year. There are many areas of the mouth that are missed with routine home care – a professional cleaning will get to these areas. If you follow these steps strictly you will improve your oral hygiene and increase the likelihood of hearing the words “No Cavities!” at your next exam!]]>