Providing our patients excellent cosmetic and general dentistry is our top priority. But when we’re not busy at our midtown dental office in NYC, or learning new techniques to care for your smile, you’ll catch us going on adventures in the great outdoors, relaxing, and travelling. While our interests vary, the common theme amongst three sibling dentists is that we relish sharing moments with friends and family. Dr. Tina is very passionate about baking. Her grandmother showed her all her secrets, and many family traditions center around food. She also tries her hand at various crafts – she finds fulfillment in learning a new skill and exploring what she can do with it. During Christmas and Easter, she gets together with family to bake cookies and pies. It’s an annual tradition, and Dr. Tina says they’ve been doing it “as long as I can remember!” One thing she doesn’t get to do enough with her family is travel… Between their busy family life and running two successful dentistry practices, it’s hard to make room for extended time away. “I hope, when the kids are older, to travel a little more,” she says.  Dr. Andrew enjoys hitting the fairways of local golf courses whenever he can. He finds it’s a great way to socialize. When the snow flies, Dr. Andrew skis downhill runs all over the country. But the biggest challenge each year is … finding the snow! Another one of his favorite pastimes is playing chess. When it’s time to kick his feet up, Dr. Andrew likes to watch classic comeback stories. He can’t get enough of the entire Rocky series. For those who haven’t seen it … this award-winning boxing drama features the mighty Sylvester Stallone who plays a fictional character named Rocky Balboa. Rocky overcomes all odds to rise to the top of the boxing world. At the top of his reading list is Russian-American author Ayn Rand. She wrote the best-selling novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, and she created the philosophy of Objectivism. Dr. Andrew loves her philosophy. The best concert he ever went to was put on by English rock band Pink Floyd. When asked about her favorite pastimes, Dr. Laura fondly recalls her family’s camping trips. So, it’s fitting that outdoor activities are her thing. Whether it’s physical activities or just plain relaxing, she will take pleasure in it. The only stipulation is … it must be a nice day. Dr. Laura is also a bit of sports enthusiast. Each year, she tries to make it out to a few baseball and football games with family. She roots for the Mets and Giants – but will throw her support behind any New York team. And she likes to play, too! From baseball to soccer to tennis and even ice skating with her kids … Dr. Laura will try any of the activities her kids like. She’s a big fan of live entertainment – especially anything on Broadway. She says nothing compares to it. As for films, her all-time favorite is The Sound of Music. “It’s a classic,” she says, adding she watches re-runs on television. We know that every patient is unique in their likes, loves, wants, and needs. And that’s exactly how our whole team will treat you at Frangella Dental Care. Call us today!]]>