Choosing a new dentist is not an easy task. Whether you’ve just moved to a new city, your dental insurance has changed or you simply have outgrown your old dentist and need a change. Most people in their lifetime will change their dentist at least two times.The patient admires her smile looking at the mirror And although its pretty common, some just don’t know how to go about doing it. Here are some tips about how to choose a new dentist, and what to look for in your new dental office.

  • What type of life do you lead? Are you on a tight schedule, do you need late or early hours? You’re new dentist should have a schedule that suits your needs. There’s no point to starting in an office that you will never be able to schedule an appointment for!
  • Do you like cutting edge technology or are you happiest with a more traditional office. Many offices have integrated the latest technology into their offices like digital x-rays, CAD/CAM technology and paperless charting. If this is more your speed be sure to ask the office if there’s a website available for you to see what procedures your new dentist is proficient in.
  • Men, Women, Young, Old; you should choose the practitioner that you are most comfortable with. It may sound silly or odd, but dentistry is a very personal experience and you should try and find a dentist who is a good fit with you.
  • Do you need a dentist that takes a particular insurance? Or, can you see someone who is not in your insurances network but will accept your insurance as an out of network  dentist? Depending on your insurance company you may have to see a particular group of dentists, this is something to be aware of before you sign up for a dental insurance. When looking for a dentist ask them prior to your appointment if they accept your insurance or if you are eligible for treatment there.
  • Do you strive for a fast paced dentist? Or a low key, more relaxed environment. When you visit an office for the first time be aware of your surroundings. Besides the decor and cleanliness pay attention to the front desk staff and the dental assistants. You can gain a lot of knowledge about how an office runs by your dentists supporting staff.
  • And finally, never underestimate the power of a good recommendation. Ask, your friends & coworkers, someone who you know will be honest about their dental experience.

You may have noticed that many offices are switching to digital radiography and paperless Tooth signcharting. There are a lot of big changes coming in your dental and medical offices.

  • With the advent of digital technology and advances in imaging many offices are switching to lower radiation digital radiography and some are even pursuing digital impressions.
  • Digital impressions means no more ooey-gooey mold taking for records to send to dental labs. By imaging the mouth with a dental camera, your dental records can be a mouse click away from the dental lab or in office equipment, such as a CEREC machine, and your new restoration.
  • CAD/CAM technology is also becoming more prevalent in dentistry. Using chairside dental imaging, various restorations can be fabricated in the dental office, providing fast, convenient, esthetic, and conservative dental restorations. A popular system that is being seen in more dental offices through out the United States is the CEREC system. CEREC technology allows you take a digital impression of your tooth chair side and fabricate a restoration for you while you wait, which will be inserted that very same day.
  • Another change that you’re sure to notice soon are paperless charts and records. By centralizing all of your information digitally, practitioners can easily access it in their office. And, if necessary can send it effortlessly to you or another dental provider.