osteoporosis and osteopenia often ask if they are candidates for dental implants.  My short answer is dental implants result in a better quality of life for osteoporotic women.  There are studies that show women Glckliche Seniorinwith osteoporosis and dental implants have higher overall satisfaction with their lives as opposed to living with false teeth (dentures) or no restorations at all.  The dentist placing implants needs to take into consideration the simple fact studies show overall satisfaction with dental implants in osteoporotic women and then weigh that against the risk indicators that could affect the long term success of dental implant restorations.  The causality between oral bone loss and systemic bone loss (osteoporosis or osteopenia) has not be proven, but there is evidence that a relationship exists between the two diseases.  Undoubtedly, dental implants can be successful initially in the dental patient with osteoporosis, its the long term success that is uncertain. In our practice we carefully evaluate the osteoporotic patient and determine the likelihood they will have a high percentage of success with initial dental implant placement and restoration.  We do this with an extensive screening of the patients medical history and a CT scan to measure the quality and amount of bone in the oral cavity.  At Frangella Dental, 98% early surgical success is what we strive for with each patient.   Because the CT scan can evaluate the quality and amount of bone, we can categorize the surgical site into a specific type of bone.  Through extensive clinical studies from the past, we can use this input and inform the patient with a range in percentage of early dental implant success before we begin the procedure. When dental implants are successful with our patients, we then give strict guidance on the proper oral hygiene maintenance.  With close supervision through periodic dental visits and proper oral hygiene maintenance, our osteoporotic patients with dental implants have experienced overall satisfaction and achieved long term success.  In our practice, the overall satisfaction of osteoporotic patients with dental implants far outweighs the potential risks.]]>