Worried about having a crooked smile this summer? One of the fastest and easiest ways to straighten out your smile is through Invisalign. Invisalign ® moves the teeth using clear aligners that can be removed, while traditional braces move the teeth with fixed wires and brackets. These clear aligners will not show up in photos, leaving your smile photo-ready. Invisalign can correct crowding, overbites, underbites, and excess spacing. While traditional braces can do the same thing, they are more visible in photos. Depending on your teeth and desired treatment outcome, your dentist will recommend the treatment that is best suited for you. Most dentists will offer payment plans that can make the treatment work for your budget. Learn more about our Invisalign services today!

Spring Cleaning

Summer is just around the corner, and everyone is looking forward to some social events again with weddings, and other special summer festivities. Along with those events come lots of photos, which means your smile needs to be ready! Here are some tips from our dental experts on ways to touch up your smile in time for all of those summer social events:

  1. Daily Maintenance: One of the easiest ways to quickly touch up your smile is by taking care of your teeth daily, by brushing twice a day, flossing at least once, and keeping an eye out for any potential issues, such as chipped teeth or pain signaling another potential dental issue. Some people may also benefit from using a mouthwash daily.
  2. Routine Cleanings: Haven’t had your routine cleaning in a while? It’s important to invest in your teeth’s health by going in every 6 months for a routine cleaning. During this cleaning, not only will your dentist examine your teeth for cavities, chipped teeth, and any signs of oral cancer, but he or she will also polish your teeth, removing plaque and stains.
  3. Whitening: Have you done the white tissue test lately with your teeth? Chances are that if you haven’t been whitening your teeth on a consistent basis, they probably aren’t sparkling white. Shortly after a routine cleaning, you can use whitening toothpaste and an at-home whitening kit to take advantage of making sure your teeth are appropriately white for those summer social events. If the at-home kits aren’t working well, it might be time to talk to your dentist about some professional whitening services that they might offer. Our team offers several options for whitening teeth, including helping brides, and bridal party members to schedule whitening within an optimal time frame before the big day.
  4. Resolving bad breath: Now that mask mandates aren’t as prevalent, you may be more and more aware of your breath again, especially when you are eating fun new foods, and old favorites at these summer social events. One of the best ways to keep your breath smelling great is to keep your teeth clean with daily brushing, flossing, and regular routine cleanings. You can also bring a travel toothbrush and toothpaste to quickly brush your teeth after eating at an event. Gum and other mints can mask the odor, but many contain sugar, which can exacerbate the odor later on. Drinking water can also help wash away excess sugars around your teeth, and help prevent some bad odors.

Do you need more than these to fix up your smile? Our team of dental professionals can help assess what you might need including veneers, braces or Invisalign, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how you can touch up your smile in time for summer’s social events!