rosschicletteeth1 Healthy and natural, can quickly turn towards tacky, ‘Chiclet’ territory though. Remember the ‘Friends’ episode with Ross and his glow in the dark teeth?

So what is the rule of thumb for teeth whitening?

The ideal shade of white really depends on personal preference. However, to retain that natural look, the whiteness of your teeth should not exceed the shade of the whites of your eyes (in most people). This allows you to have a nice bright smile without looking over-whitened. PD0186_LR_Friends-CaucFemales_64141-resized-600 here are many options for teeth bleaching available. Finding the right method for you that will provide you with a beautiful, natural smile can be a daunting task.

Before beginning any whitening procedure, consult your dentist first, to confirm which method is best for you.


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