So by now your children are hopefully coming down from their Halloween sugar high and revving up for the long holiday season and kidssmile-207x300all the great treats that come with it. To keep up with all the newest information regarding children’s oral health I’ve come across some great resources that can help keep your child’s smile healthy while instilling great oral health habits.

  • Check out this great website for great videos, information about your child’s mouth as well as ideas about how to get your child into great health habits
  • Keep an eye on nutrition this is incredibly important not only for oral health but also for overall health. This website is ADA recommended as well and can help learn important information on nutrition as well as how to live an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • I thought this P.S.A. was not only hilarious  but educational as well.
  • And Finally, most parents are curious as to what teeth are permanent which are baby teeth and when exactly are they supposed to come in. Here are a couple of great charts that I found along the way that explains the sequence of eruption for primary and permanent teeth