fotolia_28128322_xsConscious sedation is a procedure that allows you to get the dental care you need while remaining stress free and comfortable. Conscious sedation is defined as a minimally depressed state of consciousness that allows the retention of the ability to respond and react to physical stimulation and verbal command. During the sedated state most patients experience an amnesic effect that can erase any memory of the procedure. It is a great tool that can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted but were kept from getting due to your fear of the dentist. If you are afraid to go to the dentist, or just anxious about certain aspects of your dental treatment, sedation may be a solution to your anxiety. Unlike general anesthesia where the patient is unconscious or asleep, conscious sedation allows you to be awake but in a very relaxed state. Our certified IV conscious sedation dentist, Dr. Tina Frangella, can give you the ability to have your dental treatment completed while you are in a sedated and relaxed state. Sedation Dentistry can give you the peace of mind you need in order to undergo dental work with no memory of the treatment that was done. It will allow you to receive the care necessary for you to enjoy better overall health, an improved self-image, and better quality of life with a healthy, beautiful smile.]]>