Fotolia_24195976_XS-resized-600Miles away from home and in unfamiliar surroundings and it hits you– your previously perfect tooth has just shattered and is now throbbing uncontrollably. Now what? Traveling in the US? – First step, call your dentist, they may have some words of advice for your particular problem. Also, depending on your circumstances they may be able to call in a prescription if necessary or direct you to a nearby facility to help you. – If your dentist is unavailable and you’re at a hotel, utilize your concierge or front desk staff. Often times they will have a list of people in the area that they have on call for emergency medical and dental situations. – If neither options are available, contact the local hospital. Mostly likely a dentist or oral surgeon will be on call to help you with your emergency. Traveling out of the Country? – As previously mentioned, contact your dentist immediately. Unfortunately, he/she will not be able to prescribe you any medications overseas but may be able to give you advice on how to proceed.  Also, check-in with your concierge for local resources as you would in the U.S. – If you don’t feel comfortable with your hotel’s concierge or don’t have a great grasp of the language and resources available to accomodate you, you may want to contact services at the U.S. Embassy.  They may be able to put you in touch with medical services and help with transferring funds from the U.S. – We also advise you contact your insurance company before a trip abroad to see if there are any policies about coverage outside of the country.]]>