dental-implant What is the cost of a dental implant? Why is there such a variation in fees for dental implants? Are the advertisements I see for $499 dental implants too good to be true? When trying to figure out what the appropriate fee for a dental implant should be one should know exactly what the procedure entails. Here are the dental implant facts:

  • There are about three parts that make up an implant restored tooth. The implant, which is surgically placed into the jaw and acts as the root. The post, which screws into the implant to connect the implant to the crown. Then finally the crown, which is cemented or screwed onto the post.
  • To have an implant placed and completed start to finish can take between 3-6 months. However with each person the timeline may vary. Time can be added to this treatment if the area needs to have bone grafting. Bone grafting helps regenerate missing bone in areas where there is not enough space for an implant. This can add about 3-6 months to your overall procedure timeline as the grafting is normally done before the implant surgery.
Knowing the parts necessary in placing and restoring a dental implant can give us an idea as to why there is such a difference in price.  At Frangella Dental the fee for surgical placement and restoration of a dental implant is priced as a service and NOT as a commodity. The parts that make up the implant are generally a universal cost to the practitioner with the exception of the type of crown used and if you need a custom post rather than a stock post. These fees can be dependent upon which dental lab is used as well. That being said, a dental implant is just a tool or material that a practitioner uses for this type of procedure.  And, all practitioners are not created equal. So when asking yourself is this deal too good to be true, ask your practitioner these  questions and you’ll know. 1. Have you had any training in implantology? And if so how long was your program? 2. What is your success rate? is it above 90% 3. How long have you been placing implants? 4. And lastly, Does this fee include treatment planning, possible bone grafting as well as the restoration of the implant? These few questions should help you make an educated decision about your treatment and most likely allow you to feel more confident with your practitioner. It never hurts to be an educated consumer and remember,  you should always feel comfortable discussing your treatment with your dentist.  ]]>

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