Many of my friends ask me questions such as: When people eat garlic does it make you mad? Or, should I always see the same hygienist or is it okay to switch? These are legitimate Physicianquestions that most people don’t exactly know the answer to. Today’s post is about dental office etiquette, the Do’s and Do Not’s of the dental office.

  • Do show up on time. Most dental offices schedule a time block for one patient and one patient only. If you can’t make it to your appointment or if you are going to be a few minutes late it helps to give the office a heads up as soon as you know. This helps the front desk to adjust the  dentists schedule as best as possible so they can see you and others on time.
  • Do bring old records. If you are a new patient to an office and you have recent x-rays bring them with you. Many people feel very awkward taking their old records when they leave a place to seek a different dentist. Although it is a slightly awkward situation it is not uncommon to see more than one dentist in your lifetime. We know that situations change, people move, change insurances or simply grow out of their relationship with their current dentist. The few minutes of awkwardness asking for your records can save you the trouble of having new ones taken as well as decreasing any unnecessary exposure to radiation.
  • Do try different hygienists, if you feel like it. It is okay and completely acceptable to use different hygienists for your recall appointments. Many people will see different hygienists depending on their schedule or preference, and it is not offensive to switch. Switching between dentists within an office, although not as common, is okay as well. However, if switching dentists it is best to finish any major treatment you may be in the middle of, such as a crown or a root canal before switching.
  • Do Not worry about what you just ate… And finally, if you ate garlic before you came or forgot to brush its not as big a deal as you think! If you do remember it is greatly appreciated, but in general  you are more conscious of the slight garlic breath and food between your teeth than we are!

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