Thanksgiving is over and the holidays are rapidly approaching. If you’re stumped about what to get your loved one this holiday season here are our favorite holiday gifts and stocking stuffers!

0007502002059_500X500-resized-600Sonicare Toothbrush: This is our number one favorite home care product and the perfect gift for the holidays. An electric toothbrush is a great way to care for your teeth and electric toothbrushes with sonic action are even better. With a built in timer that also gives a gentle reminder about when to switch to the next part of the mouth, you always know if you brushed your teeth long enough. And the sonic motion gives you a better overall clean. Available at many retailers including

A0R1_1_20111101_11945076-resized-600A0R1_1_20111031_11905436-resized-600A di Alessi Rondo Toothpaste Tube Cap and Floss Dispenser: We absolutely love these little guys. They’re fun and practical, which is why they’re one of our favorite stocking stuffers to give to friends and family members. You can find the Toothpaste Cap and Floss Dispenser on

yhst-20427195513060_2187_1344820-resized-600Purse-Sized Violight Slim Sonic Toothbrush: This is an adorable toothbrush for on the go. Slim and stylish, with eight different case styles, it’s a fun toothbrush that fits perfectly in your purse. Available on

35525-Blu_p-resized-600Personalized Turtle Tooth Fairy Box: This is a great gift for the children in your life. It comes in two colors, blue or purple, and can be personalized. Being a dentist, this is the first gift I gave my niece. And although she doesn’t have any teeth yet, it looks very cute on her dresser! This and other tooth fairy boxes are available on


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