Halloween is almost here if you’re looking for some interesting Halloween costumes check out some of our top (tooth related) picks:


Its hard to turn down a classic! And, if you want to get creative you can cut a little chunk out and color the edges brown, carry a bag of candy and be a tooth with a cavity.


If you’re looking for something a little creepy then maybe this costumes for you. Nothing says scary like this bloody dentist!


If you’re looking for a couples costume Life sized toothbrush and floss make a great pair. Just don’t try and give toothbrushes out as a treat, trust me I know from experience, it doesn’t go over well…..


If you’re feeling a little silly try this costume on for size. One look at this costume and the kids will be hiding their baby teeth.


And finally, For the little ones.


Have a great day and a safe and Happy Halloween!


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