It’s Halloween time again, If you are a parent or simply a health conscious adult, you may be fotolia_17582018_xs-resized-600wondering how can you get through this holiday season without overloading on sugary treats. So in the spirit of the season here are our dental friendly Halloween treat suggestions!

  • If you are looking for treats to give out this Halloween season there are many dental friendly treat options such as: almonds packs, pretzels, or popcorn.
  • Also, there are plenty of non candy treats available to give out such as stickers and other Halloween themed toys.
  • And finally, if you choose to indulge here are some tips on how to lower your chance of getting a cavity this Halloween season:
    • Give yourself or your child a set number of pieces of candy you can eat per day as to limit the sugar intake each day.
    • Try and limit the number of times you expose your teeth to candy in a day. It is better to eat multiple pieces at once, rather than one piece at time, multiple times during the day.
    • Try to brush and floss an hour after snacking on candy.
    • If you’re unable to brush and floss, try and drink water. Although it won’t clean all of the sugar away from your teeth and is not a guarantee that you won’t get cavities, it will help cleanse your mouth, helping to reduce the possibility of cavities. Sugar-free gum is also another good trick. Like water, it helps to remove residual sugar from your mouth, while also stimulating saliva flow. Saliva is a natural protector against cavities.

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