hs020311-sm-72423 1. Celebrity Smile Makeovers 2. The Seven Myths of Teeth Whitening 3. Teeth Whitening: How White Is Too White? 4. Are Teeth Whitening Kiosks at the Mall Safe? 5. No Time for Teeth Whitening? 4 Tricks for Making Teeth Appear Whiter 6. Why Do I Have Tooth Sensitivity After a Filling? 7. Bad Breath…Top Three Causes 8. Can Sugar Free Gum Prevent Cavities? 9. “It’s Halloween! What Do I Do With All This Candy?” 10. The Truth About Porcelain Veneers Which post did you learn the most from?  Have you scheduled your dental appointment for 2012 yet? Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year! ]]>

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