One thing I’m sure you’ve noticed there are apps for literally everything these days. working with smartphoneWhere to eat, where to shop, what sights to see and how to avoid traffic on your daily commute. In addition to all these helpful things there are also a growing number of dental apps that may be able to help you learn more about oral health, find a great practitioner and even how to address a budding dental emergency. Let me share with you some of our finds for best free dental apps.

If you have a question or are looking for a little more information about your latest diagnosis try one of these apps:

Dental Expert by Dr. Marc Lazare

Available for: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Droid phones This app presents common dental topics in a FAQ style. The downside is it is a bit clunky, a little buggy and well, full of  typo’s. However, as a plus it is chock full of dental information with a wide variety of topics explained in detail and, moderately easy to navigate. This app may not be exactly one of the best free dental apps but its definitely worth the look.

All Things Dentistry by 

Available for: Droid This app is an interface that will link you to YouTube videos about various procedures. The procedures are very technical and may not be for your average person seeking dental information. However, still a very good resource for detailed information about dentistry.

If you are looking to make an appointment or look up reviews:


Available for: Ipad, Iphone and Droid phones This is an app that is linked to the ZocDoc service which allows you to find doctors and dentist alike using various search parameters such as location, date, specialty and insurance company. Once you have found a particular practitioner and available appointment you can also book your appointment right from the app as well. And Apps geared towards children learning to brush:

Brush DJ by Benjamin Underwood

Available for: Ipad, Iphone and Droid phones This app is a toothbrush timer that plays music from your music library as well as being able to choose a specific playlist. A fun tooth timer and great app. However, some droid phones may have difficulty running this app on their operating systems.

Clean your teeth by Marco Bertazzoni:

Available for: Droid phones, ipad, iphone and ipod touch This app is geared for a younger audience, but its cute nonetheless. This app has options to play a quick game where the goal is to clean all the teeth. And, also has a tab to show you (in cartoon form) how to brush and floss each area of your mouth. There is a description of the daily home care tools as well as a very informative disclaimer. Overall a pretty cute and helpful app for kids although I would like to see them add a toothbrush timer to the app as well. Currently, there isn’t a huge selection of dental apps however the number is growing every day. If you have a personal list of your own Best Free Dental Apps that weren’t mentioned today please feel free to share them with us! ]]>

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