Need a Breath Mint?

Feeling the need to pop a mint or know a loved one that could use one? Bad breath is something that is easily treatable, and can be improved with many home remedies. Bad breath is caused by bacteria building up in your mouth. This often comes from food particles breaking down that have gotten stuck in a crevice somewhere in your teeth. The best way to prevent bad breath is by brushing and flossing after meals. If you are already doing that, try drinking more water after each meal and be sure to swish it around to wash away any remaining food particles. If you have dentures, be sure to remove and clean them every evening to prevent bacteria building up in your mouth. While mints and other herbs such as parsley and basil can help neutralize the odor, you can also try raw crunchy foods such as apples to clean the teeth. Cinnamon and yogurt are some other foods that can help cut down on the bacteria in your mouth. Still having issues? Talk with one of our experts to make sure there aren’t other issues causing your bad breath!

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