fotolia_17582018_xs-resized-600better options for treats for the holiday. If you are looking to give away sugar-free treats but aren’t too keen on being known as the worst house on the block, there are some great sugarless or sugar-free options out there.  Here are some of our favorite  ideas for Halloween treats that are dentist recommended!

  • One way to avoid the sugar-free candy conundrum completely is by stopping in your local supermarket or party store and picking up some party toys or favors. Our favorite picks are Sticky Hands and Halloween themed blow up balls. If you go the toy route just be sure to pick something that does not have small parts or could be a choking hazard.
  • Another great idea is packaged popcorn or pretzels.
  • Stickers are always a great non-candy related treat as well.
  • Trail-mix or almonds are another healthy choice. However, it may be a good idea to keep a nut-free option as well for children with nut allergies.
  • If you are to the crafty side, you can create apple ghosts. Buy small apples from your local grocery store, cover with a white dinner sized paper napkin and twist tie the opening. Using a black magic marker and make a spooky face. What you will have are adorable and healthy treats!
There are very few sugar free candies that kids go crazy for, but if you know of any that your kid loves, please let us know! If you do  give out candy for Halloween try and avoid sticky caramels and taffy’s. These types of candy are difficult to clean from the teeth. If you are going to enjoy some Halloween candy yourself a good way to help avoid cavities is to try and limit the number of times you expose your teeth to candy in a day. It is better to eat multiple pieces at once, rather than one piece at time, multiple times during the day. Happy Halloween Everyone!! If you are a dentist looking for great treats to give away the ADA and PopCap games have teamed up with a campaign called “Stop Zombie Mouth” The campaign offers trading cards with links to free game downloads.  ]]>

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